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Today has so far been one of those days where you can't describe what you're feeling or why you're feeling that way.
I started reading some peoples old livejournal entries from 2004-ish and some of my own. It's weird..I miss high school..I miss the weird shit we did in high school. 11th and 12th grade were the best. So much stuff happened during those years. -shrugs- It's fun to look back on all the jokes and radom adventures.
I'm going to Mel's baby shower today. I think that's why I'm in this mood. I've been thinking about the past and how different everything is.
I've changed so much in the past two years..or even one year. Pink hair, what?
I got a message from Nick Collica and it reminded me of Prom Junior year. lol We had a big circle of kids dancing like idiots..twas great. Unlike senior I actually did dance with my date. hah
This past year (including last summer) has been amazing...minus certain fallouts with people. I love spending time with Chris..even moreso when neither of us are stressed from Club Cyber and the lack of pay. heh School is starting soon so hopefully we can kick eachothers butt to stay on track. Hell, he won't have any problem with it, but I know I'll be crawling to him for help at some points. lol He's so great to me..even if I am too blind to see it sometimes. He wants the best for me..and us..so it's great to have someone who loves to talk and be goofy at the same time.
This is so random, so I think Ima stop it here.
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