K.u.r.i.s.u.t.e.n. (punchingcoma) wrote,

日本語 の テスト is done! It wasn't even really a test..which is good. Twas more of just a meeting with 砂糖先生。He saw that I had some old papers from OU (I was studying with those as well as Genki I) and looked it over and asked how many 漢字 I know. We learned around 180 with Frump 先生。 He then asked me to read out of Genki for him and continued to ask some questions. He said that this class should be pretty easy for me especially in the beginning, but Japanese 2 I would have a tough time with. (No surprises there..I studied at OU! haha)
He also remembered seeing me with Chris last year which was sweet. =]
I'm extremely excited for that class now. I'm gonna try damn hard to continue Japanese..even if it will be a bitch with trying to get classes for Nursing School done. ;]

Other than that today has been nice and relaxing. I saw Paul and Evan earlier on my way to meet Chris. Paul is sweet. I got to hang with m'love while he was on lunch break..mmm! I love him!

I just ran into Julie after talking with 砂糖先生。:D

yay I don't feel like such a loner now! haha

ps-Andrew has your KH game, Chris. ;] (In case I forget to tell you when I see you..)
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