K.u.r.i.s.u.t.e.n. (punchingcoma) wrote,


The first week at UofM is done.

Japanese is going to be great. Right now it's review for me, but it's only gonna be a little while until we learn new stuff, and then I'll be lost with the rest of the class. Our lunch tables are so pathetic. We can't speak Japanese at all. At most it's Andrew spitting out random phrases and sometimes me also. Paul, Brandon, and Evan are going to be there today though, so it'll be good times.

Calculus..is well..Calculus. I have no idea how I'm going to do in that class, but I like that we have team homework, and the teacher seems really sweet. We'll see how it goes. ;]
Creative Writing will be fine. Writing one paper a week will probably get to me after a month or so, but hopefully the prof. can keep it somewhat entertaining somehow.

I love being able to wake up at 9-9:30 everyday though. Ah :] Something I couldn't do at OU. haha And only one class Wednesday and Fridays is nice.

今 日本語 の クラス。

(Almost one year, bunny!) <3
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