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Back..with WoW updates \^o^/

Welp, this summer hasn't even really felt like a summer. I don't know why. It just feels like a long weekend from school. I must admit, I miss Ann Arbor like crazy. It hasn't been a bad summer, though-it has been great actually!

Chris and I hang out pretty much everyday. No surprises there! :D He and I work now, so that keeps us a tad busy. He at Jimmy Johns and McD's for me. >< If anyone complains about working fast food, trust me, those complaints are legit.

Other than that, the biggest event of the summer is JAPAN! Chris and I will be studying in Japan for 6 weeks. I really can't wait. My nerves are starting to get to me though. It'll be nice to be in class again..and even better to be able to wander around Japan! I'm looking forward to interacting with people, getting into the culture, and capturing it all in pictures. <3

One thing I may, kinda miss is WoW. I have so much to do in that game now. I wanna run more instances, get keyed for heroics, and grind rep to get into heroics. On top of that, I want to find a good holy spec, for when I do go back to holy...and of course the gear! I would love to have two decent sets of gear- holy and dps. ;D

This is her in her DPS gear. It's not the greatest because it's all from quest grinding. :p

And this is in her healing gear. I just picked up the robe last night in Shadow Labs. The +57 healing caught my eye. ;D

And this is her flying mount! I still love my kitty though. <3
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