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So, this week has gone be extremely fast. Actually, most weeks seem to be going by fast. It's almost October. o.O

I was kind of stressed this week because of Calculus. I didn't do that great on the first quiz, but it turns out the average wasn't that high, and when it comes down to it, scores are based off of the averages. Which is good for this weeks quiz also. haha. I would have done better if I used the right variables for the first question instead of practically solving it wrong then going back and realizing what I did. woops. Damn reading the problem wrong. Ah well. We're getting into actual Calc stuff now. Yay no more damn review.

Japanese is going good so far. I had my first meeting with 砂糖先生 on Tuesday. He told me to participate more since I have studied before and it could help other students. We also had to do a little "skit" type thing which wasn't bad. It was just basically there to go over vocab and sentence structure we have learned so far. Which trust me, isn't much.
Here's a sample of what we're doing now:
毎日 大学 で 日本語 を 勉強します。
I study Japanese at the university everyday. Granted, we haven't offically been taught that 漢字, so I'll have to remember NOT to use it on the test/homework. :p
I love that class so far. Lunch table can get pretty interesting to. I just need to become more comfy around Chris and actually speak with him. :[

Creative writing is..writing. I was able to make an ending for a cliff hanger I wrote a while ago which was really awesome. I've wanted to finish that story for so long. Maybe I'll upload it on here later tonight for the few who actually still keep track of this thing. I get to touch up a story I submitted to her last week which means I have it easy and just need to throw in some things. I already have ideas, so that's a plus. =]

Shei seems like it'll be fun. (A Japanese magazine..www.sheimagazine.com) :] I will hopefully be helping with the layout a bit. I'm excited.

Other than that..I gave blood yesterday and originally felt really great about doing it. Well, I missed dinner last night in order to donate, and because Chris and I were out. :p Then I waited till the last minute to do some hw due by 11p.m. last night (that Chris helped me a lot with! Thank you!) and missed the half ass before it closed. I was so weak last night and still kinda am today from the lack of drinks/food since getting blood drawn. You're supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, after giving blood you're supposed to add on another 4..That so didn't happen. Woopsy! Never doing that again. lol

This weekend is LTJ Bukem at Necto. Chris is a giddy little boy for that and Ferry Corsten. (I'm dragging his butt to Panic! At the Disco in November) teehee

Anyway, time to go lay down. :]
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