K.u.r.i.s.u.t.e.n. (punchingcoma) wrote,


So, last week Chris and I camped out in front of Toys R Us to get a Wii. We were 9th and 10th in line and lets just say..it was a long 9hours waiting outside in the cold. :p Thankfully, I had my car there, so we were able to go in there on and off. Anyways..no Chris and I are obsessed with the Wii..and I'm currently selling my on ebay to make a little profit. ;)

This week was the last full week of school. It's going by so fast! Almost faster than high school. o.o We also had to register for Winter semester and as of right now I have Intensive Japanese II (yay!) and Psychology. I tried to get into a Womens Study course but the second I went to sign up it was full. I'm gonna go the first day of class and try to get in anyway.

I also finally came out. (About my desire to want to dance)Since I'm only taking two classes next semster (but that's a full-time load at 14 credits) I decided to take a modern dance class at a studio near UofM. I've wanted to dance for so long..but have just been shy to tell people about it...mainly my parents since all they can see me as a tom boy who likes bmx and basketball. Also, since I'll be close to the studio in the summer I think I'll take another modern class and one in ballet. I really, really want to learn ballet..so I hope it works out!
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